The members of the Frederick Chapter NSDAR established in September of 1892, have documented their descent from more than 600 American Revolutionary War patriots ... 

We have ancestors from each of the original 13 colonies (Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Virginia), as well as Vermont.

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Biographies are available for certain patriots. Click on a name below to read the patriot's biography:

Asquire Aldrich

Joseph Bearse

Middleton Belt

Zachariah Bond

Israel Hilton Buker

John C Carmack

Andrew Carpenter

William Cecil

Thomas Crampton

Michael Culler

Thomas Delano, Sr.

Peter DeMoss

John Martin Derr

Joseph Eastman

Moses Eastman

Edmond J. Fitzgerald

John Lewis Friend

Frederick Garst

Daniel Gidney (Gedney)

Henry Griffith, Sr.

John Harrison

John George Houck, Sr.

Samuel Huff

Gordon Hutchins

Gilbert Kemp (Kaempf)

Philip Key

Moses Little

Thomas Lovelace

Comfort Ludington

Isaac Lyman

James Meadows

Abner Messenger

Andrew Michael

Ludwick Michael

Thomas Minor

Thomas Pennifield

John Porter

John Purdum

John George Remsburg (Johann Ramsburg)

William Rice

Charles Ripley

Johann Christopher Rohn (Christopher Rowen)

Edward Salmon

Frederick Shittenhelm

Martin Shoup, Jr.

Henry Greenfield Sothoron

Anthony Souder

Melchoir Staley

Moses Tyler

Cornelius Ward

John Yingling

Conrad Yoder